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In collaboration with X Training School, located in Chamonix, France, we are proud to announce that we are offering continuing education courses in sports performance via web conferencing, beginning September 2016! These programs will be available throughout the USA and Canada, and are APTA approved for CEU’s.

Also coming for Winter – Spring 2017: Sports Performance Prehab and Rehab Certification Program.

Presenter: Chloë Lanthier – Exercise Physiology, M. Sc Biomechanics & Human Performance

Bio: Chloë has over 20 years of experience teaching sport specific and performance prehab/rehab courses on an international platform. Her students include coaches, trainers, and elite athletes. Chloë is the owner and director of the X-Training school, which offers sport specific and mountain camps. She lives in Chamonix, France, and is a Patagonia Endurance Mountain Ambassador. Chloë’s expertise in sports prehab and rehab performance provide a progressive education


Biomechanical causes of Iliotibial Band (ITB) ‘Compression’ in Endurance Cyclists and Mountain Runners

Video and PDF Available for $225.00


It’s time to refocus our understanding of ITB pathology for better prehab and rehab!

  • “ITB friction” is actually a pathology caused by compression, not friction
  • Functional anatomy, mechanics and role of ITB
  • Review of biomechanical changes the predispose an athlete to the onset of ITB compression
    • Rear foot eversion
    • Degree of knee flexion and internal rotation
    • Hip adduction angle
    • Hip abductor strength
    • Degree of ankle dorsiflexion
    • More!
  • Proper mechanism of foot strike in running biomechanics: different stages of foot strike and stance phases
  • The importance of evaluating mechanics in downhill running
  • Treatment options
    • Prehabilitation for performance
    • Series of exercises to eliminate pathomechanics causing ITB compression
    • Functional prehab and rehab, non and weight bearing exercises, progression, volume


Hamstring Injuries: Powerful Prehab and Efficient Rehab for Performance

October 22-23 (9:00 AM – 1:00 PM each day)

– $175.00 Before Oct 15th; $225.00 After Oct 15th (limited space)


Learn how to reduce hamstring injury rate!

  • Hamstring injuries are the number one soft tissue injury in the athletic world – reducing injury is a must
  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics of the hamstring
  • Pathomechanics to influence hamstring injuries
    • Stride Length
    • Hamstring elasticity
    • Ankle dorsiflexion
    • Lumbopelvic stability
    • Neural activation
  • Factors for suffering a hamstring injury and recurrence of injury
  • Biomechanical load of the hamstrings during sprinting
  • Site of injury and grading classification
  • Testing the hamstring
  • Benefits of using eccentric strengthening in prehab and rehab
  • Prehab and Rehab exercises following an acute hamstring injury in and and elite athletes
    • Running VS cycling injuries
    • Stretching type injuries, including high speed
  • Programming exercises: volume, speed, load, and progression for injury – sport specific